Interdynamics Inc. is a mental and behavioral health firm in Landover, MD. It was founded by Mrs. Joan Branch in 2000 as a management consulting service, but grew later into a mental and behavioral health firm. Our core belief is being ‘interdynamic’ in our approach to mental and behavioral health. To be ‘interdynamic’, we look at all of the factors – all of the dynamics – that play a part in what people experience. We do this so that when our clients leave us, they will know that their needs are taken seriously and are deeply understood.

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At Interdynamics Inc., we recognize how important it is for individuals struggling with mental health to be able to find the help. That is why we pride ourselves with offering our services across the world. In addition to working with our clients in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas, we have been honored to provide assistance to our first responders – military and police departments – and various hospitals, schools, and correctional facilities.

Business Information

Carf Accredited
NAICS Codes: 621330, 621340, 621420, 621112, 624190, 624310, 611430, 611691, 611710
Level I – Outpatient Treatment
Level II.1 – Intensive Outpatient
Level 0.5 – Early Intervention – DWI Education
Licensed Outpatient Mental Health Clinic
DUNS Number: 08-840-8401
Cage Code: 3KGXO
Classification: Minority Woman-Owned Business
Government Status: MDOT Certified, MBE Certified, Small-Disadvantaged Business


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