Current Opportunities

Clinical Psychologist–NEW!

Job Location:

Misawa Air Force Base – Misawa, Japan

Job Description:

Position requires the selectee to provide service to the U.S. Air Force stationed in Misawa, Japan in both a patient centered medical home (PCMH) and/or a Behavioral Health Care Facility.
Duties may include
• Participate in clinical meetings
• Attend professional staff conferences• Mental health flight meetings


• Conduct applied research and clinical investigations in Clinical/Behavioral Health

• Interviewing

• Behavioral assessments and evidenced based therapies

• Diagnostic testing, individual family, couples and group treatment evaluations as well as alcohol and drug assessments

• Consult with medical personnel, legal authorities, military commanders and school districts

• Maintain current and accurate records and progress notes

• Participate in Command Directed Evaluations, security clearances, Military training Instructor clearances, use of the Air Force Guide to Managing Suicidal Behavior, pre-post deployment screening, PTSD, and Combat stress and other activities and issues directed by Air Force Policy.

Job Requirements:

Candidates must have a transcript that indicates an award of a PhD or PsyD in Clinical Psychology and a copy of current unrestricted registered license to practice psychology.

Must be a graduate of an APA accredited psychology program.

Must have completed an APA accredited internship/residency in professional psychology or an internship/residency acceptable to the Office of the Surgeon General, U.S. Air Force.

Must have a minimum of one year experience as a clinical psychologist.

Must have experience in brief behavioral interventions.

How To Apply:

Send a copy of your updated resume, appropriate licensure and certifications to or fax to 301-306-4591

Occupational Therapist

Provides services and techniques, allowing patients who are injured, ill, or even patients who have disabilities, helping them maintain and develop skills to interact in everyday activities. Including evaluations, and treatment procedures, while accomplishing patient and family goals.

Behavioral Therapist

This position exists to provide assessments and develop individualized treatment plans for all assigned patients. While seeking out any unhealthy behaviors that could possibly harm the patient. Providing information, assessments, crisis interventions and offering support for other mental health services.

Social Worker

Employees in this classification are responsible for providing social services to patients and their families, by assisting them with personal and environmental difficulties.Which may predispose illness or interfere with obtaining maximum benefits from medical care.

Addictions Counselors

Functions as a counselor conducting individual and group therapy as well as educational sessions. Conducts interventions and assessments.


Psychiatrist will conduct diagnostic assessments. Provide individual, group, family therapy & case management.


Provides competent patient care for individuals with a variety of  diagnoses, focusing on individual differences, abnormal behavior, mental disorders, and their prevention as well as improvement of patient lifestyles.

Administrative Assistants

Allows office to run smoothly and avoiding any workplace conflict. Handles office tasks such as filing, generating reports, booking appointments, overall preventing conflict. 

Communication Specialist

Creates positive relationships between clients and public beings, often done by using media outlets. Manages public events, and utilizes social media platforms. 


Develops different strategies and pitches for services and products. Provides answers for clients about products or services, while also keeping up with special promotions and any sponsored events.